Glass etching is a unique process which creates a frosted look on the glass. This is a permanent process and has an elegant look. It will not flake off as many printed processes do over time. This makes it a wonderful, long lasting gift. Photographs can be used to preserve your favorite images in glass. The process is wonderful for gifts and promotional items with class.


To create an image on glass, we work to optimize your image for the stenciling process. The stencil is then hand created to match the object and hand aligned and adhered to the surface of the glass. The object is then carefully sandblasted to create a delicate frosted image. For more information see our page on photo etching glass and marble. Each glass etching is hand created and carefully reviewed to ensure top quality for your gifts.

For ceramic mugs colored finishes are available for the etching. The natural color is the white of the ceramic which contrasts nice with a dark blue or black mug. The process removes the top layer of glaze on a ceramic mug and created a wonderful contrast for the image.

The best way to view our glass, ceramic and other etch designs is to visit our shop in Altamonte Springs and take a look. We have numerous stock designs and fonts which can be used to create unique designs or we can use your logo to create gifts or display pieces for you and your clients. View our custom logo page for more information.

Please note that our catalog for etching and engraving is not available yet. You can currently view the embroidery catalog. Please check back soon to see our new items. Call us if you are looking for something specific.

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