Creating personalized gifts adds a personal touch to a special occasion. Adding embroidery to uniforms adds style and class. So how do you personalize something? This depends on the material and what you would like to create.


Monograms can be created in many different formats and on different materials. See our sample gallery for images.

Single Letter

A single letter monogram looks elegant on a towel or pillow case when embroidered. And masculine when engraved on a money clip or flask. It can be elegant on a wine stopper where on glass it can be etched or on a metal stopper it can be engraved. Etched on a wine glass a single letter monogram is elegant and can be created in numerous styles.

Double Letter

A double letter monogram is perfect for newly weds to combine their first names or for someone who does not have a middle name. This can be embroidered on fabric, etched on glass or engraved in metal or wood. Create double letter monogrammed napkins or wine glasses for an elegant look.

Three Letter

The traditional and popular three letter monogram places the last name initial in the center with the first and middle name initials on either side. The looks wonderful on bathrobes, towels, bags, place mats, wine glasses, wine stoppers, flasks, you name it. This can be embroidered on fabric, etched on glass or engraved in metal or wood. Makes a classy engraved keychain. This style is also popular for weddings as you can combine the bride and grooms first initials around their new last initial.


Adding a name to a duffel bag, towel, shirt, hat, mug or almost anything, adds a personal touch to the gift. A soft throw can be personalized with an embroidered name. For a wedding adding the couples names to a teddy bear or photo album makes a unique gift. For a child adding their name to a quality back pack will add style to their school day.

Custom Images and Logos

Send us your company logo or custom image, family crest or something you've drawn. We can create your image on glass, fabric, metal or wood. See our Custom Logo page for more information.


Please see these pages for fonts available for customization.

Embroidery Fonts (For Fabric)

Engraving Fonts (For Metal and Wood)

Etching Fonts (For Glass)


Please see our pricing pages for more information.

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Sample Monograms